“People should sit together more often” |  Interview

“People should sit together more often” | Interview

He came to Lisbon and cooked at the reception center for Ukrainian refugees. In 2003 cook American Art Smith created the Common Threads association in the USA with the aim of teaching proper nutrition and physical well-being. the most disadvantaged children through culinary and art. The organization has reached thousands of children in nine states. He was in Portugal when he was 23 and is back now at 62. He took the opportunity to prepare a traditional Ukrainian dish, but his forte is the cuisine of the southern United States, which he is proud of. Her life changed when she cooked for the dancer Mikhail Barashnikov, admits cook who worked for Oprah for ten years and therefore met Nelson Mandela at one of the dinners he prepared for the queen of communication. After so many celebrities, do you have a favorite? “You never have favorites, you love everyone, dear. I often say that my fried chicken, which I am famous for, never takes sides, he replies good-naturedly.


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