Recipe: Beetroot Soup with Pine Nuts – Crescer Magazine |  Cooking

Recipe: Beetroot Soup with Pine Nuts – Crescer Magazine | Cooking

Pinhão here at home is an event. And look, today I live next to the araucaria and I always see the seeds of the tree scattered on the ground, gnawed by Pasoka, my dog. I could get used to them by now. It’s nothing. I cannot and do not want to remain indifferent by the time they start appearing in the markets and here at home.

I still get emotional every time I see myself in front of a plate of pine nuts. This is what I inherited from my mother in Parana. Living with her, I became addicted to this seasonal and regional cuisine.

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Pine nut soup (Photo: Mariana Weber)

Pine nut soup (Photo: Mariana Weber)

Currently living in Atibaya (Spain), I am closer to Pinghui than she, who moved to Vitoria (Spain). And I think I’m passing on some of that excitement to my son. “What is it?” he asked me the other day, pointing to slices mixed with red cream of beetroot soup. “Pino,” I said. Satisfied, he took the spoon, then another and another, until he was done. There were also pine nuts on the plate, beaten with beets.

According to nutritionist Maria Fernanda Naufel (SP), this is a suitable cooking option for children under 3 years old, because they can choke on a pine nut. Until this age, it is better to grind it. For a creamy texture, I added vegetable broth. I am giving you the basic recipe, but you can vary the ingredients depending on what you have at home. Here I freeze the leftovers (carrot and onion ends, for example); when I have enough, I boil with water and pass through a sieve. I use it straight away or freeze it to make stock for other recipes.


500 g pine nuts
500 g beets
1 tablespoon butter
250 ml homemade vegetable broth
1 handful of parsley
Black pepper
6 tablespoons of yogurt
Olive oil

for the broth
1 bulb
2 carrots
1 celery stalk
Black pepper beans

Preparation mode
If you don’t already have the broth ready, start with it. Place coarsely chopped vegetables and seasonings in a saucepan. Pour in water, cover with a lid and cook over low heat.

Boil pine nuts until soft (about 40 minutes in a pressure cooker). In the meantime, also boil the beets. Peel the pine nuts. Strain the vegetable broth.

If you are making a recipe for a child over 3 years old, combine the beets with the stock, chopped parsley and half of the pine nuts in a blender. Then add the remaining pieces to the whipped cream.

If you are cooking for a child from 1 to 3 years old, beat all the pine nuts with beets, broth and chopped parsley.

Adjust salt and pepper. When serving, add a spoonful of yogurt, chopped parsley and a dash of olive oil to each plate.

Mariana Weber is a journalist and author of the Caderno de blog (Photo: Person collection)

Mariana Weber is a journalist and author of the Caderno de Receitas blog (Photo: Personal collection)


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