Registration for courses is open to university students on combating environmental racism.

Registration for courses is open to university students on combating environmental racism.

Talking about race is important in climate change discussions, largely because blacks, marginalized and traditional communities are the hardest hit by environmental degradation. Who said it was Isabela Santos, environmental consultant at the Black Links Institute of Peregum. The Institute, aware of this, is opening an “Advanced Course on Combating Climate Change and Environmental Racism” for public university students from across the country, as part of an initiative to bring the racial agenda into climate discussions. Applications are accepted until April 17th.

The course will last 9 months and 10 students will be selected to participate. Black students from across the country enrolled between the 2nd and 6th periods will be selected to prove admission to public universities through affirmative action. In addition, it is necessary that they do not receive any scholarship of any kind, whether to continue or advance public or private studies, since students selected for a cycle of study will receive a scholarship of 800 reais each. month for the duration of the course.

It will be organized in three stages of “Dialogue Wheels” with a total duration of 210 hours: the first stage – disciplinary dialogues, in which disciplines will be held in the virtual learning environment (AVA) of the Moodle platform of the Federal University of Bahia. (UFBA); the second, Thematic Dialogues, which consist of meetings on the Google Meet platform to discuss environmental racism in territories and communities; finally, “Dialogues of Realities”, where field research will be developed, in addition to their presentation at the “Scientific Initiation” exhibition, in a semi-presentative form. The course is offered, preferably in the distance category, and 2 places will be offered for each region of the country.

The Integrated Center for Human Rights of the Faculty of Law of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), in partnership with the association IYALETA – Research, Science and Humanities and the Instituto de Referência Negra Peregum, with the support of the Alliance for Climate and Land Management, are responsible for conducting the additional course.

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