Registration for the June Sustainable Kitchen Program is now open.

Registration for the June Sustainable Kitchen Program is now open.

Registration is now open for the new workshops of the Sustainable Cooking project, the Atibaia Saneamento initiative, the Grupo Iguá operation and NTICS Projetos in partnership with the Secretariats of Education, Aid and Social Development and SAAE. Classes are held on June 13 at two different times and on different topics.

The first workshop will run from 9:00 am to 11:30 am and will focus on “Recipes to Keep Warm in Winter” as temperatures begin to drop in much of the southern hemisphere and the new climate calls for hot foods that help the body to protect itself from the season’s worst. cold season. In addition, during this time, some products are hard to find at fairs, while others remain more affordable.

On the same day, from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm, a second workshop will teach cooking techniques for Children’s Meals, emphasizing the importance of planning a menu that is rich in essential nutrients for a child’s development and helps prevent disease. . Therefore, it is very important that the food is varied, healthy and, in some cases, also playful in order to arouse more interest in the dish in the little ones.

For Daniele Morimoto, a mother of two children, one of whom has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, the approach to the topic will be important. “He has a lot of difficulty with food because of the selectivity in food, so in that sense this course will be very good.”

Last year, during the most critical phase of the pandemic, Daniele began to dream of working in the gastronomy industry, largely due to the need to stay at home longer and take care of her children. “I am an example of people who do not fit into the traditional market because I have a special child who depends on me. I started working doing what I know, which is cooking, but I was not allowed to continue because of the cost of the material,” says Morimoto.

However, the scenario changed after participating in the Sustainable Kitchen project. “The workshops helped me with that as well, I learned how to use the ingredients we have at home sparingly, reusing products and even allowing products to be sold at a more affordable price. I was able, for example, to cook dishes from banana peels that used to be thrown in the trash,” concludes the mother, who regularly attends classes at the Atibaya sustainability project.

Registration in the initiative is free and available to city residents aged 18 and over. To take your seat, simply go to and click on the “Sustainable Cuisine” link.


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Master classes: June 13 at 9:00 and 14:00.

Free registration through the website:

Address: R. Gonçalves Dias, 255 – 1st floor – Jardim das Cerejeiras

Information about members of Atibaya Saneamento: The concessionaire has been operating since 2013 under a 30-year public-private partnership agreement with the Saneamento Ambiental de Atibaia (SAAE). The company is responsible for the city’s sewer system, serving about 144,000 people. With ongoing investment, it is working with over 40 employees to expand the sewer system by installing new connections, introducing collection networks, replacing and relocating the existing network, among other services, with the goal of universal access to the public. collection and treatment of wastewater. Since 2017, it is part of the Iguá Group, which has a presence in 39 municipalities with 18 businesses and serves about 7.1 million people, aiming to become the best sanitation company in Brazil.

About Igua Saneamento: Iguá, controlled by IG4 Capital, manages and operates water and sewer systems through concessions and public-private partnerships. One of the main companies in the sector in the country, it is present in 39 municipalities in six Brazilian states – Alagoas, Mato Grosso, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo and Paraná – with 18 operations that benefit approximately 7 .1 million people. Iguá has four main pillars that guide sustainable development activities across all of its divisions that make up SERR’s strategic planning: water security; Water cycle management efficiency; Responsibility for the collection and treatment of wastewater and respect for people. By signing the Brazilian Global Compact Network (a United Nations initiative), the company has joined the +Água, Elas Lideram 2030 and Net Zero movements of Ambition 2030, and has also publicly committed to the Science Based Target (SBTi) initiative. ) with reduced carbon emissions by 2030. This year, it received a certificate from the Climate Bond Initiative (CBI), the first green bond in Latin America for water infrastructure. In 2021, he received recognition for excellence in management and services with the National Sanitation Quality Award (PNQS). Great Place to Work (GPTW), a consulting company, has chosen it as the best company to work for for the fifth year in a row. It currently employs about 2,000 people. Igua’s name is a direct reference to the universe in which he operates: in the Tupi-Guarani language, “ig” means water.

About NTICS projects: 20 years ago, NTICS was born with the goal of contributing to the transformation of a more sustainable society. The development and implementation of projects that facilitate processes of change wherever they occur, as well as the democratization of access to methodologies and tools, are the prerequisites that guide our work. Our ESG solutions include: Social development of social and environmental projects that directly transform communities, with a focus on SDGs, climate change, biodiversity, innovation, water resources, with implementation based on indicators that take into account ESG criteria. Environment – provides integrated and interdisciplinary solutions for the sustainable development of your company or your supply chain in accordance with the principles of sustainability and ESG criteria. Governance – A platform that brings together the entire management process, compliance and indicators in the field of corporate social responsibility.


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