Restaurante do Turvo offers the best local fish dishes |  TASTE

Restaurante do Turvo offers the best local fish dishes | TASTE


Restaurante do Turvo serves the best local fish dishes.


A gastronomic landmark, Restaurante do Turvo has become one of the main places to sample freshwater fish in the Capitólio regional cuisine, in the south of Minas. In addition to the beautiful view of sea ​​minesyou can taste trajira and tilapia in well-prepared dishes with a unique and full taste, from appetizers to Minas Gerais-style desserts.

The menu offers options for meat, free-range chicken, parmesan and moqueca, but Turvo’s specialty is fish. The menu, prepared by professional chefs, includes 22 dishes, 14 of which feature tilapia and trajira as the protagonists.

Here you can taste classic tilapia dumplings or fish as the main meat, fried, baked, grilled or stuffed, with a large selection of side dishes such as rice, vegetables, salads, potatoes, capers and other delicacies. There is even pizza with traira or tilapia, the house’s specialty.

However, the delicious boneless trajira is the restaurant’s most sought-after dish precisely because of its reputation for tasting this fish without backbones. This is because the Oliveira Padua family, who have been running the business since the 1960s, developed the traira deboning technology with a registered patent.


Traira with filling and without bones is the most popular dish in the house.

To guarantee the taste for which fresh fish is famous, the restaurant keeps the secrets of cooking in addition to the deboning technique. “My father, Luis Carlos, introduced the deboning technique to the restaurant in the 1990s and we still use it today. In addition, we are investing in ovens that refuse to use oil,” explains one of the administrators of the establishment, Luis. Enrique de Oliveira of Padua.

In 2022, the restaurant diversified the menu even more with fish starters and more desserts that sharpen eyesight, smell and taste. All with the best mining cuisine in the region.

The dessert menu consists of seven gourmet options and uses a variety of ingredients hand-crafted in the state of Minas Gerais, such as canastra cheese, guava pasta and dulce de leche. See the gallery below for some of Turvo’s delights; click on the images to read the title.

Chef Roberta Martins, who graduated from the Gastronomic Institute of America and has worked in the area for 15 years, mainly in the Serra da Canastra region and in the hinterland of São Paulo, is in charge of the restaurant’s cuisine. She notes that the restaurant employs chefs with many years of experience who prepare food with great care and love.

That’s why Turvo’s dishes are so delicious and healthy. You can eat from serving to main course, tasting the texture of the fish and the authentic seasoning. To make the menu even more regional, signature sauces are added: pepper pate, tartar sauce, pineapple jam and palm heart cream. And the best thing: the dishes are very generous.

At the restaurant we ate the most popular dish of the house, stuffed traira cooked in breadcrumbs stuffed with olives, palm heart and mozzarella, with curd cheese and potato chips. The seasoning and toppings are delicious. Tender fish meat goes well with green rice and french fries. / Photo: Aluisio de Souza


Restaurant Turvo
, highway MG 050, km 306, Capitólio, in the south of Minas. Open every day of the week from 10:30 to 16:30, there is a place for pets. facebook / Instagram

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