Sabor & Afeto will premiere on Brasil this Sunday.

Sabor & Afeto will premiere on Brasil this Sunday.

Taste and memory come together in a program Taste and affectionattraction that will debut in TV Brazil this Sunday (12), at 10:30. The series saves the taste of the typical Minas Gerais cuisine which refers to the feeling of being at the table to taste delicious food.

During the season, the public sees the delicacies of the state gastronomy in scenarios that refer to the origin of the recipes using local spices. He also accompanies cooking and teaches how to make delicacies that the whole family can enjoy.

presented cook Esperança, the production brings to the small screen those who understand the subject and visits several cities where it is hosted by chefs. Guests learn the secrets of combining ingredients and adding mouth-watering flavors to sweet and savory delicacies.

The proposal is to offer an experience that engages the viewer’s emotions by stimulating the senses while driving through Minas Gerais. The first destination is the municipality of Caldas in the south of the state, in an episode that focuses on the making and production of flour biscuits in the series.

The series, consisting of 14 episodes of 26 minutes, is hosted by Rede Minas, partner TV company TV Brazil and which brings together the National Public Communications Network (RNCP), managed by Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC).

Learn by doing

TV series Taste and affection explores the regional culture and solves the problems associated with the preparation of typical dishes from different places in Minas Gerais. In a format that evokes sympathy from the viewer, the production is a conversation about the art of cooking.

In the course of the program, organized in three blocks, the public notices this learning opportunity through affective memories. Empirical practice interacts with analytical knowledge. At the opening you can get acquainted with the curiosities, traditions and tourist attractions of the visited city.

The second part covers food and culture with the participation of residents and experts who tell stories and reveal knowledge in the kitchen. In the third and last block cook Esperanza shows you how to cook one of the most popular dishes in the municipality shown in this episode.

combination of knowledge

Recipes handed down from generation to generation by the inhabitants of Minas are found in the weekly editions Taste and affection. A production that conquers the screens of the country in Sunday programs TV Brazil it is an immersion in the universe of sensations.

The series fascinates with the experience of perceiving the tastes of food: feeling the texture of products, enjoying the aroma of ingredients, enjoying the sound of the mixture on fire, serving a beautiful dish and tasting it with pleasure.

To follow the cooking process, just follow each episode as it explains step by step how to cook different recipes, whether it’s to whet your appetite at breakfast, fill your stomach at dinner, distract you while talking at midday or end the day. at lunch and dinner.

Cooks behind the oven remember how they keep traditions. Residents of Minas Gerais show how to leave the table full of food and turn a simple meal into a real feast.

These performances are set in kitchens, backyards, and other fascinating places that make the state’s cities beautiful postcards for tourists. Each episode of the audiovisual work also features professionals such as chefs, nutritionists and historians who contextualize the recipes.

traditional dishes

Every week program Taste and affection travels through a mining region to uncover the techniques of the local cuisine. The series runs through municipalities in different parts of the state such as Alfenas, Montes Claros, Poços de Caldas and Patos de Minas, among other cities.

The idea is to make an overview of the diversity of Minas Gerais cuisine with a regional touch of varied delicacies that go far beyond the well-known cheese bread that is the benchmark from the north to the south of the country.

Without detracting from this Minas Gerais heritage, the series gives advice on the many delights of the state’s cuisine. Viewers will learn how to cook chicken with okra, tropeiro beans, Carter rice, BBQ jerky and cornmeal pastries. Pamonha, dulce de leche, cakes and biscuits also have a place, as do delicacies that are a real treat for tourists and residents.

The attraction encourages viewers to enjoy the activities in the kitchen and get their hands dirty to try and learn how to cook the most unusual recipes for typical dishes in the state. With a unique taste, the culture of Minas Gerais has a rich and varied gastronomic production.

premiere episode

A country famous for sweets, cheeses and wines, Caldas is also famous for its sprinkled biscuits. The city, located in the south of the state of Minas Gerais, is the first location of the series. Taste and affection.

A recipe inherited by the indigenous peoples, the delicacy has become popular with the locals and has its roots in popular culture. The sprinkled biscuits even won a holiday that has become a heritage of the municipality. The initiative, inspired by local cuisine, has been mobilizing Caldas for more than three decades.

The production tells about one of the inhabitants of the region, who became famous for preparing a delicacy. Retiree Nair Barbosa teaches how to make biscuits, how to make them crispy and remembers how it was by the oven.

Chefs Eduardo Avelar and Marcia Nunez also take part in the program. In their environment, professionals also highlight the stories that mark their trajectories. They refer to memories and tell interesting facts about snacks from Minas Gerais. The host of the series, Chef Esperanza, explains the recipe for making cookies with sprinkles in a very easy and simple way.

#Come and see

New Sunday morning ride on the schedule TV BrazilTV series Taste and affection airs at 10:30, shortly after Seasons, a documentary series that saves the memory of the mining railroads. Both content are produced by Rede Minas, an affiliated broadcaster that is part of National Public Communications Network (RNCP).

Then at 11:00 the program will be presented. Song and Flavor of Braziloriginal production TV Brazil which combines cooking and good conversation. In the kitchen of a colonial farm, guests taste regional cuisine and talk about national and country music.

The host Paulinho del Ribeiro invites the artists to taste the rustic cuisine from the recipes he prepares during the meeting. Casual conversation, stories, poetry and the richness of Brazilian folklore mingle with the rich repertoire of the weekly attraction.

Shortly thereafter, at noon, the music continues the program. Samba in Gamboa with Diogo Nogueira, which brings together famous names of the artistic scene and new generation talents to sing hits from various aspects.

Follow the schedule TV Brazil via open channel, pay TV and satellite dish.

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Taste and affection – Sunday, December 6, 10:30.

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