Sao Paulo chefs discover the tastes of Piauí cuisine

Sao Paulo chefs discover the tastes of Piauí cuisine

One of the main cultural features of Piauí is its gastronomy, which bears traces of the customs of its inhabitants and their economic activities, such as animal husbandry. This cuisine has been improved and acquired more refined features of haute cuisine. To make Piauí’s dishes more famous in the rest of Brazil, one of the restaurants that stands out for its high appreciation of Piauí’s cuisine is promoting this Friday (27) and Saturday (28) the visit of Sao Paulo chefs to the state at Piauí-São Connection Paul.

The meeting is promoted by the Piancó restaurant, owned by Piaui-based chef Lorena Dyes, who became famous for finishing second in the program. Chef. This place stands out for appreciating the history and flavors of traditional Piauian cuisine with haute cuisine techniques. The professional also has Made In Piauí, which follows the same line of contemporary Piauí cuisine.

The Piauí-São Paulo Connection is backed by the state government and will showcase the state’s best tastes to big names in Brazilian gastronomy. This is the case of journalist Fernanda Meneghetti, a food critic who writes for major websites and magazines with a national circulation such as Claudia, Marie Claire, Pleasures at the table, quality control, VIP, Folha de Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo as well as UOL.

Journalist and food critic Fernanda Meneghetti writes for national magazines and websites.

The group also includes chefs Yanaina Rueda and Vivian Gonçalves. The first works aimed at appreciating and saving the roots of Brazilian cuisine, so much so that they received the Icon 2020 award given by Rating of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. Together with her husband Jefferson Rueda, they own the bar da Dona Onça and the restaurant A Casa do Porco in São Paulo. The latter is ranked as the 4th best restaurant in Latin America and the only Brazilian restaurant among the top 50 in the world in 50 best restaurants in the worldand which currently occupies the 39th position.

Yanaina Rueda works to appreciate and save the roots of Brazilian cuisine

Award-winning Vivian Gonçalves has international experience in England and China and currently runs the ChefVivi restaurant in Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo. Its hallmarks are cooking with devotion and commitment to sustainability.

Chef Vivi Gonçalves’ gastronomy strives for sustainability

The visit was also accompanied by a cardiologist and one of the partners of Incor, Sergio Timerman, who is enthusiastic about the initiative, passionate about gastronomy and collaborating on this path of discovering the gastronomy of Piauí.

Lorena Dyes explains that the chefs will bring some of their cuisine, get to know each other and take some of the cuisine from Piauí. “In the rest of the country, Piauí is little known gastronomically. Within the national scenario, the gastronomy of the state has never been known abroad. And our goal in this regard is to acquaint the people of São Paulo with our gastronomy, support this discovery and allow them to make Piauí one of the leading cuisines of Brazil,” comments the organizer of the meeting.

The organizer of the meeting is the restaurant Piancó, owned by Chef Lorena Dyes.

The chef also explains that on this occasion, experts will be presented with a tasting menu called “Energia da Terra”, which, according to Lorena, is a tour of Piauí’s gastronomy. “There is jerky, chicken cream, but that’s all in modern cuisine. These are dishes that highlight our ingredients and typical recipes in a completely different way, using haute cuisine techniques,” emphasizes Dyes, who reinforces the goal that at the end of the visit they share what they have seen and multiply information about gastronomy region.

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