Satc College Students Become Cooks in a Cooking Class for a Day

Satc College Students Become Cooks in a Cooking Class for a Day

The event is the second in a series of initiatives related to healthy eating.

The desire to become a boss for a day was realized by 3rd year full-time students of Colégio Satc. The culinary event is part of a series of initiatives that encourage healthy eating and aim to provide students with new experiences in everyday eating. Learning how to cook and get your hands dirty was the second action of the gang, which had already participated in a lecture with the institution’s nutritionist Bruna Isidro.

According to the teacher, Deisi Leandro, the project “Our Kitchen” aroused great interest among students. “The class wanted this activity as they enjoy learning how to cook and challenging themselves with new tastes. So, among so many cuisines, we decided to include healthy and colorful food in our hands-on class,” he emphasizes.

Satc College Dietitian, Bruna Isidro, stresses the importance of students preparing their own meals. “In this sentence, children create closer contact with the kitchen environment, with dietary techniques and motor skills, since food is a life necessity,” he explains.

The task of the students was to prepare their own meals from healthy products. “At this age, many refuse to try new tastes, new colors in their dishes. And sharing that experience with colleagues made everyone cook their own food and share what they love the most,” Daisy says.

The ingredients that were part of the healthy sandwich were: a loaf of bread, lettuce, alfalfa, cherry tomatoes, olives, and carrots. Exploring the variety of foods you have access to ensures a greater range of nutrition for the little ones. “Students will have access to all of the vast array of nutrients found in each food that make our cells perform better for a better quality of life,” concludes Bruna.


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