Simple chocolate cake |  Income

Simple chocolate cake | Income

How to make a simple chocolate cake: It is prepared simply, milk, wheat flour, eggs, chocolate powder, soybean oil, sugar and chemical baking powder are taken into the dough. The ganache frosting makes the cake soft and moist. Learn step by step!

Ingredients – Chocolate ganache

Ingredients – Chocolate

Cooking – Chocolate ganache

Preparation – Chocolate

O Chocolate cake This is a classic recipe that can be served for breakfast, afternoon tea, or even as a school lunch. This easy-to-make cake is made in a blender and includes ingredients you probably have at home: milk, egg, wheat flour, chocolate powder, sugar, chemical yeast and butter.

How to make a cake very wet

You can finish the chocolate cake with ganache semi-sweet chocolate and cream. See the full recipe!

Chocolate cake with ganache syrup – Photo: Recipes

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