“Sixsento”: Xod Turns 60 And Launches Combo Combo – Degusta

“Sixsento”: Xod Turns 60 And Launches Combo Combo – Degusta

birthday combo
Chicken Sandwich, French Fries, and Cheesy Milkshake with Hot Guava Syrup: It’s Hod’s Birthday Combo (photo: Renato Leal/Disclosure)

kid This little word goes beyond the dictionary definition in Belo Horizonte. Here, it represents a place of memories filled with love and fragrance, whether from childhood, dating or family. The reason lies in the history that the first diner in the city, overlooking the Liberdade Square, was built for 60 years. To mark this date, the brand released the Sessento combo.

“We feel that people are very attached to the brand. Xod is BH’s favorite,” says partner Giuliana Motti, who has been running the hamburger shop with Ana Paula Bragana and Helena Pereira for three years now. For them, there is nothing more satisfying than running a business that has been marked by many generations and continues to make history.

The Chicken Sandwich, a Xod hit since the 1970s and no longer on the menu, is back completely revamped to shine in a memorable combo. Many customers have been asking for it at the counter, and the hamburger shop took advantage of the date to relaunch it.

Chef Paulo Gomide signs the recipe, which has a more modern look and multiple layers of flavor.

Eyes already sparkle when they see a slice of cheese casserole on top of bread. The filling contains a generous portion of grated chicken cutlet with potato strips. Biquinho Pepper Jelly adds sweetness to every bite. Freshness gives a salad with arugula leaves, tomatoes and onions.

There is nothing better than french fries for accompaniment.

Reserve your seat to treat yourself to a cheesy milkshake with hot guava syrup, which is also new. “Because we are in a traditional location and host a lot of tourists, we wanted to give it a Minas Gerais flavor,” Giuliana explains. But the recipe surprises even the household.

The classic Romeo and Juliet never disappoints. Canasta Parmesan ice cream is transformed by blending artisanal guava syrup.

Several contrasts can be felt in the mouth: taste (sweet with salty), temperature (hot with ice cream), and texture (creamy with hard). It’s because you’re biting into small pieces of guava. The spoon is already on the side to help clean the bottom of the glass.

Those who buy the Sessento combo take home a glass with a commemorative Xod logo in red, yellow or blue.

Always remembered by former clients, the return of Big Xod is also part of the anniversary celebrations. The hamburger includes bread with sesame seeds, two types of meat, cheese, special homemade sauce, onions, lettuce and tomato salad.

Another novelty is ice cream with the same hot guava syrup as the milkshake. Small pieces of candied guava are also added to it.


Xod opened in March 1962 (exact date unknown). It was managed by the Pentania Guimares family until 2018 when three friends bought the brand. Giuliana, Ana Paula and Helena redefined the visual identity, environment, menu and concept.
XOD clients
Ana Paula Bragana, Giuliana Motti and Helena Pereira have led the brand since 2018. (photo: Renato Leal/Disclosure)

The slogan “More than fast food” emphasizes that in this new phase, the hamburger cares more about quality than production speed. “We do our best by hand, every day, in order to always have fresh products,” emphasizes Yuliana.

The most industrial hamburger ever: now a mix of beef and pork. At Meu Xod, a bestseller, the meat is served with jabuticaba compote, egg, onion rings, bacon and lettuce.

Milkshake syrups are still made by hand (only with less sugar). Juliana has no doubt that this makes the drink an icon of Xod and, as a result, a sales champion.

There is a great place to take a break from the traditional, because, in addition to strawberries and chocolate, the menu includes plum, pineapple and passion fruit sauces.

Since taking control, the partners have managed to increase traffic at lunchtime. This is what saved the business during the critical period of the pandemic. There are seven food options on the menu, except for the dish of the day, which has a more affordable price.

Currently, Xod Tilpia with fried fish, Sicilian lemon sauce, rice, mashed potatoes and salad is one of the most sought after.

The pandemic has put a brake on the brand’s expansion plans, but the partners are still thinking about opening other stores in malls (the previous owners had six).


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