Taste of Brasilia: the event will debut in the capital with …

Taste of Brasilia: the event will debut in the capital with …

Taste is one of the largest food festivals in the world. Now the great feast of world cuisine wins in Brasilia. The event aims to present the best of Brazilian cuisine in 13 restaurants and a bar.

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Taste is not only about gastronomy, but also about experience. Try this classic dish from the best restaurant in town, prepared by the hottest chef; workshops; lectures and the opportunity to shop at selected Empório Taste vendors.

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Tickets cost from 40 to 50 reais. It’s not that much to eat the best food in town. Be it Peruvian, Japanese, Italian and especially Brazilian. All tastes have a place in taste. Speaking of space, the event will take place in the charming Pontao do Lago Sul, on the shores of Lake Paranoa. everything happens outdoors with accessibility and thought for the whole family. All the green area near the lake helps to escape from the urban environment of Brasília.

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It is worth recalling that the festival is already taking place in 13 other cities around the world. London, Paris, Dubai, Milan, Greece, Amsterdam, Dublin, Cape Town, Melbourne, Sydney and Sao Paulo are the main venues for the event.

When we think of Taste of Brasília, we cannot ignore the financial implications that the gastronomic center has. It is assumed that 12 thousand jobs will be directly created, and it is expected that 20 thousand people will be accepted during the event. “We are thrilled to be hosting the largest food festival in the world in Brasilia. One of the most important economic centers in Brazil, serving an audience that breathes gastronomic culture, moving the city and the entire region of the Federal District,” says Gustavo Oliveira, Business Director of IMM organizing company Taste Festivals Brasil.

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Luis Américo Camargo, gastronome and head of the festival since 2016, was responsible for the choice of guest restaurants.

“Brazilia has a thriving and diverse gastronomic scene. Many aspects and directions fit here: cuisines from around the world; traditional and modern; an international and increasingly in-depth and creative exploration of the Cerrado, a local biome, with its amazing fruits, nuts, spices. It’s a cosmopolitan place, yet so intimately connected to the heart of Brazil,” says Camargo.

The creations created especially for Taste are one of the highlights of the fair. One that promises to grab attention is Chicken Thigh and Drumstick made with Cerrado Rice, a recipe that uses buriti, peki, cashew and kagaita pulp, and topped with tulip. This is the creation of Francisco and Juliana Ansillero, father and daughter who share a kitchen.

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Chef Luis Trigo, who cooks at Le Birosque, brings a greaves porchetta served with creamy polenta, sousa rice and crispy cabbage. Showcasing a cerrado face, Gilles Guimarães presents hominy dumplings with rustic sausage and cottage cheese, in addition to loin with hominy, cashews, ora pro nobis and demi-glace for lunch, and capricciosa pizza with buffalo mozzarella, artichoke heart. , artisan ham, mushrooms, basil and pelati tomatoes.

Note: Covid-19 was not invited! Therefore, all participants must comply with the health protocols indicated by the authorities. Gel alcohol will be available throughout the event, and indoor areas, tables and utensils are strictly disinfected.

Check out the restaurants that will be on Taste of Brasília:


House of Bacchus

Don Francisco


Lake and Block C


Leo Hamu

Le Birosque






Almeria House

The pub

For those who love drinks, taste is the right place. The Southside Bar will bring much more than incredible drinks, well crafted by mixologist Gustavo Guedes. The bar offers creative cocktails based on the Brazilian cerrado.

There will also be tasting classes and master classes in this zone, as well as everything related to wines, beer and coffee. So that the public can return home, mastering the art of tasting and making drinks.


Festival “Try Brasilia”

Date: 27, 28, 29 May and 3, 4 and 5 June (Friday to Sunday)

Place: South Lake Pontoon

Address: SHIS Ql 10, Lot 1/30 Lago Sul, Brasília – DF.


Friday – from 17:00 to 23:00

Saturday – two sessions – from 12:00 to 23:00 (Taste of sunset – from 18:00 to 23:00)

Sunday – Individual sessions – from 12:00 to 20:00.

Online ticket sales and additional information: brasil.tastefestivals.com

Age rating: 16 years. Entry of minors under the age of 16 will only be permitted if it can be proven that they are accompanied by legal guardians, who must remain at the venue of the event while the minor is present. This definition, as well as the age classification, is subject to change under the terms of the Permit issued by the Judge of the Children, Youth and Senior Court.


Friday – 40 reais (full time)
Saturdays – all sessions – BRL 50 (full)
Saturdays – “Taste of sunset” – entry from 18:00 – 40 reais (full price).
Sunday – BRL 50 (full amount)

Online sales: http://www.eventim.com.br/tastebrasiliafestival

Discounts and promotions

Terms of Santander 30% discount: Santander customers have a 30% discount that cannot be combined with half price or other discounts. The conditions of the promotion are valid when buying up to 4 CPF tickets with Santander Mastercard, per session, for each day of the event. The number of promotional tickets is limited. Check availability at time of purchase.

Children under 1 year old: admission is free.

Number of CPF tickets: up to 4 tickets per day, 2 socks total, maximum 12 for the entire event.

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