The Agricultural Parliamentary Front “celebrates” the 10th anniversary of the Forest Code

The Agricultural Parliamentary Front “celebrates” the 10th anniversary of the Forest Code

The Instituto Pensar Agropecuária (IPA), an organization created to protect the interests of the agricultural sector and provide advice to the Parliamentary Agricultural Front (FPA) in Congress, is hosting a “10th anniversary celebration” party this Wednesday (31st). years of the Forest Code.

The celebration, which will take place at the Clube Naval de Brasília, will be attended by deputies and senators who are members of the FPA, as well as the authorities who participated in the process of creating and approving the final text of the Code.

During the event, the FPA Awards will also be presented to prominent figures in the agricultural sector in the Person of the Year, Political Action, Outstanding Parliamentarian and Academy and Press categories.

According to the President of the FPA, Federal Deputy Sergio Souza (MDB-PR), the Forest Code has brought important results, but some improvements still need to be made to fully implement it.

“With the help of the law, we have succeeded in achieving sustainable food production. Our country has 66.3% of the territory of protected and protected vegetation. The European Union, by comparison, has only 20% retention. Improvements still need to be made, especially with regard to the rural environmental register, but we are on the right track,” he said.

Bolsonaro confirmed his presence at the event before noon on Tuesday, but according to the press office of the IPA, the President canceled his participation due to agenda reasons.

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The Agricultural Parliamentary Front, also known as the Rural Assembly, is one of the largest and most active in the National Congress. In the House, it unites 241 out of 513 deputies, and in the Senate – 39 out of 81 senators. Formally established in 1995, the FPA has played a pivotal role in the development of several environmental laws, including the Forest Code. For example, under the influence of rural producers, the law granted an amnesty to producers who cleared forests before July 2008.

Several projects are currently being processed in Congress to try to extend this period, among other changes in favor of agribusiness.

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