The best Japanese food you can eat in Rio de Janeiro

The best Japanese food you can eat in Rio de Janeiro

Are you a lover of oriental cuisine and are going on a trip to Rio? Here we will tell you what are the most delicious Japanese dishes in Rio de Janeiro you can try.

Sushimaniac or not, you need to know best japanese food you can eat in rio de janeiro. These modern and cozy establishments serve typical oriental dishes and unusual combinations that combine traditional flavors with tropical ingredients, making the menu more varied and surprising.

There is japanese restaurants in different parts of the Miraculous City. Therefore, when visiting it, it will not be difficult for you to find a place where you can try sushi, sashimi, temaki and other classics of Japanese cuisine.

But, if you allow me to point out any special places, we want to present you 10 restaurants that, in addition to being beautiful, have unique characteristics that make them stand out among so many options for Japanese cuisine in Rio de Janeiro. Let’s go to?

Japanese cuisine in Rio de Janeiro, where you can eat as much as you like

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The first Japanese Restaurant in Rio that we have news date back to 1939 and were in San Conrado. Called Shujyu Na, the place was decorated in an oriental style, with a garden, a bridge, and a fountain. Since then, Japanese cuisine has become popular among the carioca, and today the city has many establishments specializing in the tastes of the Land of the Rising Sun, including various ways of serving, such as rodizio. And here we will tell you what are the most delicious Japanese dishes you can eat in Rio de Janeiro.

ginger sushi

With a cool atmosphere, Ginger Sushi is more than just a place to sample delicious and traditional oriental food. It is a meeting place that favors a young spirit and offers a structure for good conversations between friends. Located in aedicules 1 and 2 of the Vogue shopping area, in Barra da Tijuca, it offers a large hall with indoor and outdoor space, well lit and cozy. The menu features the best of Japanese cuisine served as a very varied all-you-can-eat menu.


Housed in a charming colonial-style townhouse, Hachiko is a contemporary restaurant with Asian influences. The result is a menu with unusual combinations, amazing flavors and a unique restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. It sits next to Paço Imperial and Palacio Tiradentes on a well-guarded lane and is a great place to sample a variety of dishes made with the freshest produce on the market, on a menu that adapts to all tastes.

Gurume Ipanema

Gurumê Ipanema, part of a chain of modern oriental restaurants, is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Rio de Janeiro. With a japa fusion concept with a touch of sophistication, it offers a varied menu prepared by chefs Daichi Ieda (sushi bar) and Renato Araujo (kitchen). The Ipanema block, located between the beach and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, has a large living room with a mezzanine and simple decor. Gurume has other restaurants around San Conrado, Barra da Tijuca and Botafogo.

Sushi bar Haru

Haru Sushi Bar, located in Copacabana, is another Japanese restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. It is located at the entrance to the gallery and has several tables on the sidewalk. This is the ideal place for those who walk around the region. The menu is modern and the restaurant also has a sushi bar with exclusive service. The ingredients are fresh and the menu features the finest oriental cuisine.

Mitsuo Japan

Mitsuo Japinha Restaurant, located in the Flamengo and Meyer districts, offers the best of Oriental cuisine in a varied menu with healthy dishes and fresh ingredients. The restaurant excels in the way it serves, bringing exclusivity to the service. In addition, every day a tasting menu is served here, in which different tastes and dishes are carefully prepared for each visitor. The tasting menu, called omakasse, which means “leave it to you” in Japanese, is the result of harmony between chef and customer and is always a surprise.


Manekineko has five restaurants in the city of Rio de Janeiro – Humaitá, Itanhangá, Casashopping, Leblon and Ipanema – in addition to three delivery locations, including one in Niteroi. The restaurants feature bright décor and a cozy atmosphere, making your stay even more enjoyable. The menu features the best of Japanese cuisine, sushi and sashimi that will make you salivate, and the presentation of the dishes is a spectacle in itself.

Via Farani

On Via Farani, you’ll find two very different environments in the same restaurant, with Italian food on the ground floor and Japanese cuisine on the second floor. Despite the differences due to the culture of each cuisine, these two environments are beautiful and invite you to stay longer. But since we’re talking about Japanese food that you can eat as much as you like, let’s just stop at the top floor. Via Farani Restaurant, located in Botafogo, serves temaki, sashimi, harumaki, yakisoba, tempura and other typical dishes.


One of the first Japanese restaurants to open outside the Liberdade district of Sao Paulo, Nagayama has a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro that has been serving the best of Japanese cuisine since 2013. environment. The presentation of the food is beautiful and the restaurant still has a wide menu of drinks and beverages.

Premium Gendai

With a modern and luxurious atmosphere, Gendai Premium is a restaurant for those who want an experience that goes beyond the taste of food. This place is distinguished by a differentiated service that prioritizes the exclusivity of each client and is therefore one of the best Japanese cuisine in Rio de Janeiro. The city of Niteroi has two restaurants – Icaraí and Piratininga – and the menu is inspired by Japanese cuisine, but with its own signature, combining tropical flavors and flavors.


Housed in a Rio de Janeiro heritage-listed mansion, Yume is located in the Botanical Garden and features multiple environments: a sushi bar, private rooms, a zen space with a retractable roof, and a carp pond. The menu features classic oriental dishes such as temaki, tartare and sashimi, as well as seafood and typical Japanese delicacies. The service is excellent, with a welcoming team ready to provide the best experience for their customers.

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