The biggest Sao Joao in the world starts today in Paraiba with over 500 attractions.

The biggest Sao Joao in the world starts today in Paraiba with over 500 attractions.

São João do Mundo’s biggest celebration in Campina Grande, Paraiba begins today, with more than two million people expected to gather for 31 days of celebration. Until July 10, the Parque do Povo will host a forro marathon of over 1000 hours with around 500 rides including singers, bands, forro trios, folk groups and square dances. The party also takes place in the Galante and Sao José da Mata districts, concert halls, bars and restaurants throughout the city.

The São João program in Campina Grande includes such names as Wesley Safadao, Gustavo Lima, Santana, Aduilio Méndez, Ton Oliveira, Felipe Araujo, Biliu de Campina, Gustavo Mioto, Luan Estilizado and, of course, Queen Elba Ramalho, who follows tradition. to revive the night of June 23, the eve of Saint John’s day. Xand Aviao, Flavio José, Nonato Neto and Joao Lacerda will perform at the opening.

On the first weekend, the event repeats a tradition of more than 30 years: a collective wedding that this year will bring together 100 couples with the blessing of St. Anthony. The civil ceremony will take place on the night of June 12 at the Parque do Povo Pyramid.


The 2022 edition of Maior São João do Mundo pays tribute to one of the greatest icons of northeast regional music and one of the greatest promoters of Campina Grande. The Arena de Shows stage was named Palco Genival Lacerda, also known as Seu Vavá and the senator from Rojão, who left us in 2021 due to the effects of covid-19.

Born in Campinas and performed hits such as Severina Xique Xique; Radinho de Pilla (“She gave the radio”); Galeguim of Zoe Azu; mokoto broth; Rock do Jegue, among others, singer-songwriter Jenival Lacerda has recorded over 70 albums, including LPs and CDs, in a 65-year career. In 2020, a few days after recovering from a stroke, he performed at the O Maior São João do Mundo concert when he was also honored by Medow Entretenimento e Cultura, the event’s organizing company.

Concentration in People’s Park

Listed on the Embratur event calendar as one of the most popular parties in Brazil, Maior São João do Mundo concentrates its programs at the 42,500 square meter Parque do Povo, located in the city center.

To receive forrozeiros not only from Campina Grande, but from all over Brazil, the structure of the party includes five stages, cabins, two forro islands, a platform for band presentations, a picturesque city with a copy of the Nossa Senora Cathedral. da Conceição, from Cassino El Dorado and Cine Capitólio, kiosks, restaurants, bars, kiosks and a 20m scenographic bonfire.

The People’s Park also has the Pyramid, a kind of sacred forro temple, where “quadrilhas juninas” and a forro trio are performed every night. However, the program is still held in the areas of Galante and São José da Mata, in addition to private events held in Vila Sitio São João, Spazzio, Vila forro, Casa de Cumpade, Soul Juan, in bars and restaurants.

Currently, O Maior São João do Mundo is the main popular event in Paraiba and one of the six largest in Brazil, appearing on the official Embratur events calendar. Over the course of 31 days, the festival projects northeastern traditions throughout the world, emphasizing dance, music, crafts, cuisine, religiosity and cultural heritage.

How to get to Campinas

For out-of-state residents, the best way to get to Campina Grande is via President Joao Suassoon Airport (CPV). Prices for flights to Campina Grande can be found here. Another option is Joao Pessoa Airport, which is 120 km from the city.

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