The City Hall launches Arraial Guarulhos at an event with artists at the Teatro Padre Bento.

The City Hall launches Arraial Guarulhos at an event with artists at the Teatro Padre Bento.

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Rural cuisine from Vale do Paraiba, Jambeiro and Redenso da Serra, typical drinks and juices from Viñedo, sweets from São José dos Campos and Pindamonhangaba, presentations by accordionists Chico Ceara and Juscelino Queiroz and Quadrilha Sacode a Poeira from São Paulo celebrated the opening dinner of Arraial Guarulhos on Monday evening (6) at the Teatro Padre Bento.

The fair, which will take place on June 17, 18 and 19 at Guarulhos City Hall in Bosque Maya, will bring together artists from the city and the quadrillheiro movement, a total of about 400 popular artists and 100 culinary specialists from the interior of Sao Paulo. a cultural experience curated by folklorist and producer from Guarulhos, Diego Dionisio, from Tadito Produçoes.

The guests, mostly artists and journalists from the local press, were received by Acting Mayor and Minister of Culture Prof. Jesus and Director of Cultural Activities of Guarulhos Cesar Samsonyuk. “While the pandemic continues to inspire us to be attentive and responsible, it is with great joy that we open the doors of Bosque Maia to this great event, embodied in the work of countless artists and culinary experts who will bring us the best of the culture of their families, regions,” said Jesus.

Over 4,000 homemade yo-yos make up the set design of Arraial Guarulhos. The event also includes Espaço Viola, Arena Junina and traveling performances with more than 20 attractions including violists, accordionists, viola duos, June Squares, trio forro pe de serra, as well as theater and circus groups for performances and June games.

For Samsonyuk, it is important to emphasize the cultural diversity of the village. “Guarulhos is hosting a big event, much more than a traditional June festival, rather an event that will provide us with a unique experience, during which our senses will be sharpened through countless immersions in the concept and context of popular culture,” the director notes. .

Coordinating the Revelando São Paulo project for many years, Dionisio has served as artistic curator for Rede Globo projects such as Arraial Arte na Rua in Sao Paulo, Pirapora do Bom Jesus and Guarulhos.

“The idea goes way beyond a June party; our desire for these three days of the event is to provide a multi-sensory experience in which the public also dances, sings and experiences this popular holiday,” Dionisio explains.

programming highlights

The festival also features ten culinary venues with traditional tropeiro ranches from across the state and culinary experts producing homemade sweets, country dumplings, bread, pomonya, cakes, country coffee, upside down, sunk, chicken, tropeiro beans, cassava flour, cracklings, beans and stewed cabbage, tropeiro rice, farofa, fatty beans, boiled pork, cracklings, polenta with sauce, sausage, pork ribs, cabbage and quirinha, as well as other delicacies.

The groups participating in the festival bring together about 300 popular dancers of this movement and groups from Sao Paulo, Sao Vicente, Santos, Sao José dos Campos and Casapava. The gangs are made up of communities of 50 couples each and are characterized by showmanship and sumptuous production of June clothes, rehearsals and marked steps.

Among the highlights of the program is the participation of artists from Guarulhos in Quadrilha do Projeto Plus Size de Guarulhos and Quadrilha de Patins da GruPatins. Also participating for the first time is the Association of Entourages of Guarulhos and Region, which promises to put on a great village dance in the village and Guarulhos village chicken.

Espaço Viola brings together famous urban country music artists such as Quarteto Raiz and Vera Bianca. The June performances and games are hosted by Los Xerebas, who promise village weddings to the public, Circo Circunflexo Correio Acrobatico Elegante and Forró Babado Forte, performing itinerant music as part of the festival, among other guest artists.

The festival also presents for the first time in the city of Cia. Chegança, based on studies of the folklore and popular culture of São Paulo, composed of artists from the city and inviting the master of folklore and poet-cordelista Bosco Maciel with his June strings.

about the camp

Folklorist and cultural producer from Guarulhos Diego Dionisio is the artistic curator of the event. Together with Tádito Produções, he is preparing the festival, focusing on the experience of the June festivals from north to south of Brazil.

Arraial is a research project and artwork by Dionisio, who has been working with themes of popular culture, folklore and intangible heritage in Brazil for 20 years.

The full schedule can be found at For more information visit and Arraial Guarulhos on Instagram @arraialguarulhos (

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