The fastest way to prepare pizza at home


Pizza is one of the most famous and widespread confectionery in all regions of the world at present, and although it is a dish of Italian origin, it has moved from Italy to all countries of the world due to its ease and speed of preparation. cooking, great taste and the simplicity of its ingredients, and it is common in various restaurants where it is served as a well-known dish. It is loved by adults and children, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be prepared at home, thus ensuring that one is free from any unhealthy industrial additives, and can be eaten in a variety of dishes where its can be cooked for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and pizza is a piece of bread and on top. Many vegetables are decorated with melted cheese, and in this article we will talk about preparing pizza dough and its components, in addition to preparing the pizza itself and its components are also detailed, explanations and explanations of the benefits.

Pizza dough

Before preparing the pizza, it is necessary to prepare the dough by introducing a number of ingredients.
And following some orderly steps, as we will see in the following lines.


Two and a half cups of flour. Three tablespoons of yeast. Three quarters of a glass of water. Two eggs. a teaspoon of sugar. A teaspoon of vinegar. Two and a half tablespoons of olive oil. Salt to taste. Shredded mozzarella cheese. A spoonful of dry thyme.
How to get ready
Mix flour and salt well and set aside. Mix yeast with sugar and let it ferment for about ten minutes. Take a plastic bag, cover the dough with it and put it in a warm place. After the dough has fermented, sprinkle flour on a flat surface so that it does not stick to it, and roll it out.

pizza cooking

After the dough is made, the pizza making step is as follows, and it is worth noting that the ingredients differ from one recipe to another depending on the way and style of people, as well as the number of people who want to eat the pizza. well.


Jar of tomato sauce. Box of black olives. Four grains of tomatoes. A cup of mozzarella cheese, preferably grated. Three red, yellow and green sweet peppers, cut into round slices. A box of mushrooms or champignons. A spoonful of dry thyme. Sprinkle with garlic powder.

How to get ready

Pour a little olive oil on a baking sheet and brush it with it. Roll out the pizza dough well so that it covers the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe baking sheet. Spread tomato sauce all over the dough and even its edges. Sprinkle it with wild thyme. Arrange tomato slices, peppers, olives and mushrooms on top of the dough. Sprinkle more wild thyme on top. Sprinkle with garlic powder. Place the dough in the oven over medium heat and let it brown and ripen. Take the dough out and set it aside to cool down. Cut the pizza and serve it with a hot drink like tea.

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