The Made in Minas Gerais Festival in Savassi celebrates Minas Gerais cuisine – Gerais

The Made in Minas Gerais Festival in Savassi celebrates Minas Gerais cuisine – Gerais

Festival Made in Minas Gerais back Praa da Savassi (photo: Tlio Santos/EM/DA)

The Made in Minas Gerais festival is back this Sunday (December 6th) at Praa da Savassi, at the intersection of Christ Colombo and Getlio Vargas Avenues in Belo Horizonte, as an invitation to rejoice, have fun and experience the best of Minas. : Rich cuisine accompanied by the best conversation with music and quality gastronomic information.

With free admission – anyone could contribute 1kg of non-perishable food to the Sesc Mesa Brasil program – Made in Minas Gerais took on the mission of offering flavors created by over 10 restaurants, offering a gastronomic experience. appetizing. The program also included instrumental music and the sale of Minas Gerais products.

Rafael Marinho, 33, a journalist from Belma, Par, has been living in Belo Horizonte since 2019. “Made in Minas Gerais” was one of the highlights on his list of how to explore the capital city of Minas Gerais. And he was approved: “I even planned to meet earlier, but the pandemic came. I thought everything was very tasty, very cool, delicious food, nice atmosphere.”

Rafael Marinho and Alexandre Almeida
Rafael Mariño of Belma and Alexandre Almeida of Aveiro, Portugal approve of Montes Claros jerky. (photo: Tlio Santos/EM/DA)

The journalist said he was looking for a long-awaited special: “I ate Montes Claros jerky with cassava cooked in bottled oil. Finally. Exceeded all expectations: just perfect.” He also reported that he had tried several cheeses.

Couple, Espirito Santo and Portuguese

Rafael said that in BH everything is very different from Belen, but there is one thing in common that is very special for him: “Of course, the receptivity of Minas Gerais and Para is very similar.

Rafael was in the company of his Portuguese friend Alexandre Almeida, also a journalist, a researcher at the University of Aveiro in Portugal, who came to participate in an event at UFMG. He also approved the carne de sol de Montes Claros.

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    Emerson Silva and Giuliana Dadalto
Emerson Silva and Giuliana Dadalto attended the event and said they were “doing gastronomic research in BiH”. (photo: Tlio Santos/EM/DA)
Together with people from all over Brazil, Emerson Silva and Giuliana Dadalto walked around the event and were delighted: “We are doing gastronomic research in BiH,” they said.

And Emerson stressed that he was surprised by the diversity. “I travel all over Minas in one place.”

At the restaurant “Made in Minas Gerais”, the average price of dishes ranged from 25 to 46 reais. The best dish of Minas Gerais cuisine served in the 2022 edition receives the Dona Lucinha Trophy in honor of one of the finest examples of Minas Gerais cuisine. , who died in 2019 at the age of 86. Another laureate was the cartoonist Ziraldo, who turns 90 this year on October 24.

In a fraternizing atmosphere, people also took their pets to a friendly event. And the children had fun in the children’s space with the stories of Alessandra Nogueira.

Made in Minas Gerais also offered public lectures on topics ranging from “Modernity in Minas Gerais Cuisine and the Social Responsibility of Restaurants” to “Regional Festivals: Sustainability and Minas Gerais Cuisine”.

The restaurants present were:

  • Restaurant Xapuri (chef Fvio Trombino);
  • Maria das Tranas (chef Lulu – Maria de Lourdes);
  • Restaurant Dona Lucinha (chef Mrcia Nunes);
  • Leito Luis Ney (chef Luis Ney) of Pousada Villa Paolucci;
  • Restaurant Ora (chef Felipe de Oliveira);
  • Father Toledo (chef Fernanda Fonseca);
  • Favoritto Jardins (Chef Fred Trindade);
  • Okikuri (Chef David Diaz)
  • Emprio 77 Bistr (Chef Alex Bogas)
  • Chef Rice with guest chef Adriana Loureno from Pimenta, west of Minas.

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