The modus operandi of the dust of kings cake

Royal dusty pie
Royal Trap Cake is one of the tastiest desserts that can be made and served for different celebrations and special occasions such as success parties, birthdays, family nights and more as it is a new and unknown dessert for some. fried and its appearance looks like it is scattered dirt and this cake is characterized by the availability of its ingredients in most homes, as well as the ease of preparation, and some of the ingredients that go into its preparation may vary, so we will mention in this article two ways to prepare it.

Turab Kings cake with cream


Topped with whipped cream. A quarter cup of cold liquid milk. Two cans of cream, equivalent to forty-three grams. Fifty grams of soft butter. Half a teaspoon of vanilla. One hundred grams of crumbled simple cookies. Fifty grams of melted butter. Chopped pistachios for garnish. Dried cherries for garnish.

How to get ready

Place the whipped cream and cold milk in a deep bowl and stir until you get a thick mixture. Add cream, vanilla and softened butter to the mixture and continue to mix. Transfer the mixture to a clean glass dish and refrigerate for at least two hours until it hardens. Mix crumbled cookies with melted butter until combined. Heat a skillet on the stovetop and sear the biscuit mixture for a few minutes. Spread the biscuit mixture over the cream layer. Garnish with pistachios and cherries.

Cake “Royal Dust” with cocoa
Four cups of white sugar. Four eggs. Two cups of water. Three tablespoons of sifted all-purpose flour. Vanilla teaspoon. Ten tablespoons of powdered milk. piece of butter. Packet of cookies for tea. Glass of liquid milk. Two small jars of cream. Four tablespoons of cocoa. Four tablespoons of white sugar.

How to get ready

Place cups of sugar, eggs, water, flour, vanilla and milk powder in an electric mixer, then beat them together at medium speed. Melt a piece of butter in a saucepan over a fire, then add the previous mixture to it and stir constantly until the consistency of the mixture becomes thick, like pudding. Pour the mixture into a suitable container. Dip the tea biscuits in the milk, then spread them side by side on top of the mixture. Mix cocoa with: spoons of sugar and cream, and put the mixture on top of the biscuit cake. Place the baking sheet in the refrigerator until the layers are firm and cool.

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