The municipality of Rio received a new protected area

The municipality of Rio received a new protected area

This Wednesday (1) Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Páez (PSD) issued a decree establishing the Environmental Protection Area (APA) of Serras de Inoaiba, Cantagalo and Santa Eugenia in the western zone of Rio. The decree was published in the Official Gazette of the municipality and covers seven blocks with an area of ​​2228 hectares.

The APA area includes the Guaratiba aquifer, one of the city’s most important water reserves, and areas of reforestation projects supported by Rio City Hall.

“The establishment of the APA for Serras de Hinoaiba, Cantagalo and Santa Eugenia is a response to the challenges of promoting sustainable land use, the conservation of Atlantic forest biodiversity and the sustainable development of natural resources. This new environmental department confirms the City Hall’s commitment to protecting the environment and sustainable urban development,” said Municipal Secretary for the Environment Lucas Vosgrau Padilla.

Also, according to the mayor’s office, the study of the natural resources of the region began in 2011.tetradactyl anteater) and black-billed toucan (Ramfastos yolk).

The regulation sets a time limit of 360 days for unit management to create a management plan. The APA Governing Council must be established within 180 days.

UC covers the areas of Campo Grande, Inhoaiba, Sepetiba, Cosmos, Santa Cruz, Paciencia and Guaratiba.

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