There is nothing sinful in the new Lisbon sushi – Santa Claus blessed it all – Restaurantes

There is nothing sinful in the new Lisbon sushi – Santa Claus blessed it all – Restaurantes

Following the Noori chain, Diogo Souza Coutinho and Francisco Beirán da Veiga, owners of one of the most famous sushi brands in Lisbon, decided to open Santa Catarina Sushi Bar, a new sushi restaurant in Lisbon. It is located on Rua do Loreto, in the Chiado area where Asian flavors have exploded, but not only.

In addition to sushi, gunkans and gyos, the Santa Catarina sushi bar, which opened May 4, offers South American flavors such as tacos and ceviche.

However, there are other signature options among them, such as kimuchi tulips, chef’s temaki, tempura oysters and tuna ribs in a brioche hamburger bun with red onion and coleslaw, cuttlefish with mayonnaise tartar or vegetarian – after that forget about McDonald’s. hamburgers.

When it comes to sushi, you can’t miss the combo classic from 12 euros. At this price, you can order a combo of six nigiri or nine slices of sashimi, six pieces of gunkan cost 14 euros, a combo of 21 pieces of salmon costs 21 euros, and a traditional combo with the same number of slices costs 22 euros. .

As for cocktails, they are of unknown origin, but a certain purpose: for your mouth that’s fresher with a gin and passion fruit based fish bar or vodka green apple dory.

If a dinner of sushi, tempura and cocktails could be considered a small sin in the daily diet, then this restaurant is not even the case, as it is blessed by Santa Catarina, who gave it its name, as well as decoration. Counters made of handicraft and ecological tiles from Santa Catarina, Algarve, to which are added touches of natural tones and terracotta.

You will also find a restaurant that has already been visited by Diogo Faro, Francisco Garcia and Ines Folke.

Sushi bar Santa Catarina

Location: Rua do Loreto 62, 12:00-169 Lisbon
Booking: (+351) 965 117 171
Time: every day from 12:00 to 23:00

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