Wedding cakes are updated according to the wishes of the bride and groom – Degusta

Wedding cakes are updated according to the wishes of the bride and groom – Degusta

Sweet Carol Ateli
On the rise: many couples at Doce Carol Ateli chose a trio of cakes with different flavors (Photo: Laura Fonseca/Disclosure)

Some wedding icons are eternal. Cake is definitely on that list. Since it is in the center of the table with sweets, it is a prominent element of the decoration and part of the symbolic photograph of the bride and groom cutting the first piece together. In addition to its appearance, it attracts attention with its festive taste. Although it represents a tradition, it is possible to innovate by combining the desire of couples and the creativity of pastry chefs.

“Cake is the highlight of a wedding party,” says Ana Carolina Paranhos of Doce Carol Ateli. The baker makes this reading both because it is a symbol of decoration and because it traditionally represents sharing that begins with this union. “I see a lot of couples trading sweets for desserts, but cake is usually not turned down,” he remarks.

According to Ana Carolina, the desire to give preference to real cakes is becoming more common. The bride and groom want something really appetizing, not just pretty. The baker offers two options: a cake up to three floors, or three cakes that are on the rise. In addition to creating different table heights for sweets, it offers three flavors so that the guest can choose the one they like best.

Buttercream is used to decorate cakes in the atelier. Ana Carolina says she has found a place for more creative work. At the wedding venue, she is inspired by the party decoration and continues to paint the picture as if it were a painting, even using different colors. “Very fine handwork.”

Usually cakes are decorated with fresh flowers, which bakers consider classic at weddings. The arrangements follow the same style as the party.

sweet green (Photo: Dinel Coelho/Disclosure)

As you leave, you will almost certainly find red pasta with cream cheese and berry jam. The Red Velvet Cake tops the list of bride and groom’s favorites. “Because people eat and drink a lot at weddings, the bride and groom prefer to serve a lighter cake at the end. The citrus flavor of red fruit jelly is very pleasant,” he comments.

Ana Carolina has prepared a buttery dough, which is quite moist on its own, as requested by the bride and groom. So instead of serving the cake with syrup, she recommends a scoop of ice cream as an accompaniment, an idea that customers love. It is suggested to choose a more neutral one, such as vanilla, so as not to interfere with the taste of the dough and filling.

When there are three brownies on the table, the studio’s other two top-selling flavors come into play. One has pistachio dough and nut filling, and the other has chocolate dough and 70% brigadeiro filling. Yes, chocolate is increasingly being seen at weddings. “Today, the bride and groom are not tied to the classics. They want to serve guests what they love to eat.”

Opening for different

in front of Le Bon Bl, Mnika Almeida says there’s a lot more openness to different things these days. “The young bride and groom are especially far from conventions. They do what they like and it’s really cool,” emphasizes the architect, who started making cakes almost five years ago.

At that time, the baker developed her own style, looking for sophistication in simplicity: cakes are real and decorated with fresh flowers. And she understands that this is due to the will of the one who is now married. “The bride and groom who come to me believe that the appearance cannot go beyond the essence of the party,” he comments.

So much so that customers are happy and satisfied with the three floors, Mnica can do everything possible to make it all a reality. Many liked the idea of ​​a trio of cakes that goes beyond the usual and forms an unexpected configuration on the table.

Chocolate cake is now welcome at weddings, according to Le Bon Bl’s Mnika Almeida. (photo: Samira Rodriguez/Disclosure)

Mnica does a lot of research into the possibilities of using buttercream to give a finish. She creates textures that are different from the conventional ones, and this is her creativity. “I really enjoy working with textures, I think they decorate the cake.”

Horizontal, vertical and even diagonal waves mix with each other, so the surface does not turn out smooth and monotonous. White chocolate can also be used for decoration. In a “trunk” cake, the stripes are arranged vertically, forming what appears to be a tree trunk.

Apart from cakes, real flowers are most common, especially orchids, even for personal taste (Mnika has an orchid nursery at home). The arrangements are modern with the presence of flowers. “I noticed a tipping point after the pandemic: weddings are no longer just white and green, they have pink, orange, they are very colorful. People want this joy of flowers.”

The pastry chef collects the cake on site, but always analyzes the flowers chosen by the bride and groom in the workshop to see if they can be used (some are poisonous), disinfects and coats the stems with a layer of chocolate so that they do not wither by the end of the day, the end of the party.

The studio recently made one of its most daring pieces ever. In place of the flowers on top are the ingredients for the filling. The cake was then topped with walnuts and caramelized apricots.

American pasta border Eliza Castro
Even on a traditional cake, Elise Castro manages to work with modern details such as waves around the edges. (photo: Fernando Trancoso/Disclosure)

There are also no more rules for tastes. Mnitsa even made a carrot cake for the wedding, and chocolate too. Even when she uses classic nuts, it’s different. The dough can even be traditional vanilla, but the filling is white brigadeiro with a crispy walnut crust or lemon brigadeiro with walnuts and chopped dried apricots. Both are rich in flavor and texture.

Another filling that eludes the wedding tradition is strawberries. Between layers of vanilla dough dipped in red fruit syrup, white brigadeiro with fresh strawberry pieces. This is an option mainly for one-day weddings that require lighter desserts.

colors and textures

In this market for 25 years, Elisa Castro notes that wedding cakes are always updated, even as part of a classic offer, as in her case. Most of their cakes are white, fondant and with sugar flowers. Some peak at the traditional, downright plain and white (including the composition’s foliage), but in others, she manages to offer innovation.

According to the baker, it is now fashionable to work with mastic as if it were cracked or broken. Just wait for the sweet dough to harden and break it into pieces or run a rolling pin over it to create a cracked effect. “Even though this is a traditional white wedding cake, we can think of the details to give it a modern look.”

use of colors
Verde Doce shows that it is possible to innovate in the use of flowers by combining orchids and cotton. (photo: Le Bon Bl/Disclosure)

In addition, Eliza says that brides love the uneven finish of the lipstick. The feeling that the edges were torn off by hands and they are all torn. To highlight this detail, paint the ends gold or silver. Waves that create volume in a cake are also very common, as is the use of strips of fondant to create different patterns.

If earlier the work of a confectionery nozzle was more appreciated, today those who deftly handle sugar flowers stand out. “The thinner and more delicate they are, the more they will resemble natural ones and the cake as a whole will be more beautiful,” notes the baker, who has a special love for orchids. Nowadays, more and more brides are ordering colorful cakes to match the holiday decor.

As time passes, Eliza sees another change: the cake is no longer used to create a completely fake cake. Since your brides love tall cakes (some even have five stories), it’s best to work with real and painterly floors. But she cautions that the size must be determined according to the environment so that it is proportional to the height of the table and the ceiling of the room.

The tastes offered are also different from the traditional ones. Among them are orange-almond crunchy ganache and burnt coconut with salted caramel. In both, the dough is vanilla and has a hint of lemon. “Cake is practically the last thing a guest will receive, so it should be light and preferably citrus. Then just have a cup of coffee and go.”


Luis Bukzem of Verde Doce, who started making cakes at the beginning of the pandemic, offers the wedding market a modern and unusual proposal. “Many couples come to me to get away from the traditional aesthetic, and I always love it when they come up with different ideas,” she emphasizes.

The pastry chef, formerly a set designer, event producer and DJ, became famous for his buttercream dabs. The advantage of cream, he says, is that it can go beyond white. “With this more artistic work, I can sort out the colors. I already made a completely green cake, and the last one had lilac strokes. He himself goes to the place and finishes the report just before the party starts.

    Le Bon Bl
Instead of flowers, Le Bon Bl has already decorated the top of the cake with the filling ingredients. (photo: Le Bon Bl/Disclosure)

The cake may even be completely white, but it always has a touch to avoid the obvious. One of the options is a texture made literally from crumpled paper. For a client who wouldn’t mind white, Luis offered to draw dried flowers and create a very modern arrangement. In the end, even the place chosen for its placement surprised me: it was not upstairs, but on the side, right in front of the guests.

Flowers are on almost every cake, which doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and bold. At one of the weddings, the cake was decorated with orchids and cotton flowers, which were part of the decoration of the party.

Since the bride and groom usually prefer vanilla pastry, Luis suggests fillings of pistachio brigadeiro with red fruit jam and Sicilian lemon brigadeiro with strawberry jam. Another option is nut dough with brigadeiro nut filling and intense chocolate. Chocolate lovers can order cocoa liquor with intense chocolate brigadeiro and salted caramel.

Gossip Cake (Le Bon Bl)


4 large tangerines carioca; 2 cups of crystal sugar; 3/4 cup corn or sunflower oil; 3 large eggs; 3 cups wheat flour; 1 tablespoon dry yeast; 1 pinch of salt; juice of 2 cranberries; 1 red lime and 1/2 cup sugar

way to do

Wash and peel tangerines. Leave the peel of 1 tangerine. Remove all seeds so that the cake does not become bitter. In a blender, blend peeled pitted tangerines and the skin of one of them with sugar, butter and eggs for about 5 minutes. To book. Sift flour, yeast and salt into a bowl. Gradually pour the blended mixture into the bowl of dry ingredients. Mix thoroughly until the mass becomes homogeneous. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C. For the syrup, bring the juice of 2 tangerines, 1 lemon, and 1/2 cup sugar to a boil. Pour the syrup over the cake while it is still warm.


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