where to find a typical recipe in Fortaleza

where to find a typical recipe in Fortaleza

When June comes, you can already see the flavor of the Sant Joao holiday from afar. Small flags, bonfires and frills to the sounds of xotes and xaxados signal that it’s time to ward off sadness and bring joy with an “accordion touch”, as one of Trio Virgulino’s musical successes goes.

The party, however, is only considered complete when the food is served and the aroma of one of the most typical dishes of the season rises: small dish. Made in family homes, street stalls and restaurants in Ceara, Pratim is synonymous with culture and taste.

After two years without a traditional celebration on the streets due to the covid-19 pandemic, dating lovers can already expect the June events to move. Therefore, Vida&Arte decided to look for recipe options available on the Fortaleza menu.

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The first stop was Praça da Cidade 2000, one of the gastronomic centers of the capital. There you can visit Linda’s disheslocated directly opposite the São Raimundo Pharmacy. The recipient is owner Linda Nepomuceno, who starts sales at 18:00.


“I started here fourteen years ago. I was in a meeting at Regional II when the opportunity arose and I asked for the position,” he says as he quickly prepares an order for another client.

Even at the beginning of the night, the demand for his famous dishes is already high: “We stay here until 23:00, a lot depends on traffic. Last year when we came back, São João was very good because a lot of us ran out of food (due to the pandemic) and came to kill the longing.”

The expectation is that 2022 sales even higher. So every day Linda starts cooking first thing in the morning so that the steps are done correctly. First cut the meat and separate the seasonings. Then, in the afternoon, organize the daily offerings.

As usual, Linda offers a wide variety of flavors: white rice, bayan, chicken cream, chicken watapa, shrimp watapa, pasok, jerky, pepperoni and salad. Prices range from 12 reais (small size) to 16 reais (large size)., she also alternates recipes such as beef escondidinho, chicken stroganoff, and chicken fricassee. “Chicken cream makes the most,” he says.

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The second stop is at Cidade dos Trabalhadores, at 1580 Av. Oliveira Paiva. This place belongs to the Doce Gula patisserie, which prepares an exclusive menu in the “arraiá” of São João. The introduction begins at the entrance with a performance of forro pe de serra, enlivened by classical pieces such as “Eu Só Quero Um Xodó”. In room conditions, the abundance is great!

This year, chef and gastronomic entrepreneur Silvia Helena Vasconcelos decided to implement a self-service model: “It used to be in the traditional format with a ready-made dish. Now people like the idea of ​​the kilogram. who like to eat less, so each person can choose the best,” he says.

Guaranteeing your chance is quite simple. Just come to the institution from Thursday to Saturday, from 17:30 to 21:00, and collect your version of “pratima” to your liking. There’s no shortage of options here, as just to whet your appetite, there’s Carretero rice, lamb rice, bayan de dua, tropeiro beans, and pasoca.

You can also add salpikan, jerky with onions, chicken a-cabidela, chicken cream, bobo shrimp and vatapa chicken. And it’s not over yet! Sweets in June include queijadinha (8 reais), hominy (from 5 reais), potato pie (9.90 reais), corn pie (9.90 reais) and mugunza (from 5 reais), just to name a few.

“After Mother’s Day, customers are already asking for São Juan,” Silvia jokes. The Doce Gula tent is set up in the last week of May and continues until the first week of July. Another difference, the chef notes, is the decoration of the house. Artisans start working from March on topics that change annually. With a theme of peace in 2022, the space is adorned with embroidered flags and symbolic items, as some of the items are gifts from family and clientele.

chef’s hands

At Mãos de Chef, located in Jardim Guanabara, cuisine is passed down from generation to generation in a family atmosphere. From Tuesday to Sunday, from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 00:00, they offer a small dish with chicken cream, chicken vatapa, shrimp vatapa, chicken beef stroganoff and chopped onions.

more array

Anytime you arrive at Rua Viriato Ribeiro, you can buy the famous Pratinho da Silvia “pratim” such as paçoca and the famous creamy baião.

The space is named after the family’s matriarch, but the kitchen is run by Lane Melo, 34. Who explains the dynamics is daughter Rayanne Melo and her aunt Geytian Melo. “We have been on the market for two years now, the first one was with delivery, and last month we were in person for a year. Food sells out very quickly. Our plate is not fixed, it changes. You can eat lasagna, shrimp thanks to garlic and oil, it changes every day,” says Ryan.

The seat differential is, of course, the unique taste of the family. In addition to the flagship small plate (from R$10), it also sells snacks such as a cheese ball (R$12), a drink combo (R$20) and sweets. “We work all year round with a small plate, but in June we have something more themed. It’s really good quality food,” Geysian adds.

sea ​​of ​​roses

The São João season has already begun at the Mar de Rosas restaurant. The meeting of the scents of the hinterland and the sea is available with the order “Pratim do Sertão”. It includes baião de dois, carne de sol, farofa and fish vatapa with shrimp.

Tati dish

The Pratinho da Tati restaurant serves typical and homemade dishes from Thursday to Sunday from 18:30 to 22:00. The dish, which starts at R$10, includes options such as chicken vatapa, shrimp vatapa, chicken cream, chicken pie, and jerky pie.

Ask your “pratim”

Linda’s dishes
Where: East Central Ave., City 2000
Orders via Instagram or by calling 9980460

sweet gluttony
Where: Oliveira Paiva Ave., 1580
Orders by number 98651-3278

Sylvia’s plate
Where: Rua Viriato Ribeiro, 645, Bela Vista.
Orders via the IFood and Order Delivery apps

sea ​​of ​​roses
Where: Rua dos Tabajaras, 542, Praia de Iracema.
Orders via Ifood or Rappi

Tati dish
Where: Rua Muira, 1036, Jangurusu
Orders via iFood or WhatsApp 98108-4035

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